Summer Must Haves

If you've ever been to the beach before, chances are you've encountered the different types of men who frequent the sandy shores, specifically those who bring their A-game, and those who would prefer to leave it at home. We get it, we've all been there. You just want to go to the beach, slip on your elastic waist band swimshorts,  put on your college alma mater T-shirt, and step into your blackened oily flip-flops. After all, the beach is supposed to be your relaxed no-judgment time, your chance to descend into that sand slob you spent all week day dreaming about instead of finishing your TPS reports. Right? Much like all of Donald Trump's policies, you are wrong!

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The Distinguished Gentleman's Christmas Wish List

It's that time of year again, when the festive decoration starts adorning the streets, the carolers start chanting their merry tunes, and the department stores fill their space with more holly and wreaths per square foot than in an 8-year old's dream. Yes my friends, Christmas is almost upon us. And there's no better indication of that than my girlfriend jumping up and down in our living room yelling 'I Love Christmas', and standoffish New Yorkers taking 4 weeks out of the year to be warm and cordial to one another.

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Style Icons: Cary Grant

Not many people have had as big of an impact on the fashion trends, let alone the film industry, as this gentleman has. A true actor of his era and a style icon of his time and ours, Cary Grant epitomized the cool debonair demeanor while always dressed to the t without a hair out of place. In the movie North by Northwest, Mr Grant propelled the grey suit to stardom, wearing the same grey 3-button no-vent suit throughout almost the entirety of the movie. This suit has been unofficially cited as the 'the best and most influential suit in film history'. Not a bad thing to be known for.