Bienvenue a la joie de vivre

I cannot think of a proper way to introduce this blog, and pop my 'social-media blogging' cherry. I could give a paragraph-long shpeel about the several cities I've lived in, my insatiable curiosity for the new and exciting, or my love for vintage sports cars and motorcycles. I could mention my love of clothes, of personal style, of good craftsmanship. I could even mention my upbringing in a war-torn country which has forever shaped my unsympathetic and cold demeanor. I could have started this foolish escapade of mine into online blogging with any one of those informative yet boring facts about myself. However, I would rather let my future posts speak for themselves, hopefully forming an image of myself that corresponds correctly with who I really am, giving you an insight into my views, thoughts and musings.

So without further adieu, I introduce to you, my blog.