The Art of Japanese Mixology

Never have I, in my nearly 3 decades of international traveling, come across a more dedicated and obsessive people than the Japanese. They are known to devote their full efforts and attention to any task no matter how menial or mundane, no matter how cheap or expensive. You could stumble into a Matsuya in Tokyo (a Japanese fast food franchise) and order a $3 Gyudon (beef bowl over rice) from the vending machine, and expect that the chefs will devote as much dedication and care into your bowl as if they were making it for their own family.

Nowhere is that more prevalent than in the field of mixology. When you order a Japanese cocktail from any of their world renowned bars, know that the cocktail was made with the utmost care and precision, made as a special experience just for you. The Way of the Cocktail is a great mini-documentary that interviews some of the best bartenders in the worlds and describes the truly intricate ways of a Japanese master mixologist.