Style Icons: Cary Grant

Not many people have had as big of an impact on the fashion trends, let alone the film industry, as this gentleman has. A true actor of his era and a style icon of his time and ours, Cary Grant epitomized the cool debonair demeanor while always dressed to the t without a hair out of place. In the movie North by Northwest, Mr Grant propelled the grey suit to stardom, wearing the same grey 3-button no-vent suit throughout almost the entirety of the movie. This suit has been unofficially cited as the 'the best and most influential suit in film history'. Not a bad thing to be known for.

Style Through the Years

This video, created to announce the Grand Opening of a Westfield mall in East London back in 2011, runs through some of the most influential fashion styles we have seen in the past 100 years, all in 100 seconds. Starting in 1911 with the classic Edwardian era look and the Waltz dance, we traverse the decades into Charleston dancing age and the Belle Epoque. After the men had returned from the ferocious fighting of World War II, we go into the Swing and 1950s era, filled with the age of baby boomers and new beginnings. As you watch further through the video, you'll notice the fashion shifting away from the daily suit and tie, to the more relaxed jeans and chinos of today.

One might say it's a shame to lose that sense of formal and gentlemanly style that defined the pre-second world war era. Others might argue that they prefer the rebellious nature of the jeans and sneakers rather than conform to the strict guidelines of tradition. In either case, this video is a joy to watch, and I hope to find more of these as I huddle up inside while the polar vortex consumes New York.