Proper Driving Etiquette, brought to you by Dunhill

Manufacturers of bespoke suits, leather goods and luxury accessories since 1893, Alfred Dunhill is the quintessential British brand and have probably contributed to the definition of an English Gentleman more than anyone else. 123 years later, and they are still going strong and remain relevant to the ever changing notion of the modern gentleman. This video is no different, combining timeless style, a vintage car, and a drooly companion, it is as funny as it is beautiful.

A Gentleman's Wager, brought to you by Johnny Walker

I knew I had to make up this long hiatus with something good, something worthwhile. Jude Law, the elegantly dressed Englishman alongside the ever-enchanting Italian Mr. Giancarlo Giannini, on top of an exquisite, rare, and handcrafted Italian yacht - two gentleman enjoying a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label limited edition. What better way to herald my blogging comeback than to share with you this image of this dapper duo, who don't let anything get in the way of a little adventure and a little gentlemanly wager.

I was never a Johnny Walker fan, but I think with this commercial, they might be wooing me over.

Style Through the Years

This video, created to announce the Grand Opening of a Westfield mall in East London back in 2011, runs through some of the most influential fashion styles we have seen in the past 100 years, all in 100 seconds. Starting in 1911 with the classic Edwardian era look and the Waltz dance, we traverse the decades into Charleston dancing age and the Belle Epoque. After the men had returned from the ferocious fighting of World War II, we go into the Swing and 1950s era, filled with the age of baby boomers and new beginnings. As you watch further through the video, you'll notice the fashion shifting away from the daily suit and tie, to the more relaxed jeans and chinos of today.

One might say it's a shame to lose that sense of formal and gentlemanly style that defined the pre-second world war era. Others might argue that they prefer the rebellious nature of the jeans and sneakers rather than conform to the strict guidelines of tradition. In either case, this video is a joy to watch, and I hope to find more of these as I huddle up inside while the polar vortex consumes New York.